Do you desire to live open to the love of God and to heal the wounds of your heart?

Has the pain and stress of life caused by illness, marriage, parenting, divorce or loss closed your heart to love, relationships or your true Self?

Through prayer, scripture, reflection and spiritual direction, it is possible to heal our wounded hearts, seek forgiveness, rebuild relationships and experience a deep sense of peace, joy and love.

MEDITATIONS: Join Joan each week in faith, prayer and reflection through her weekly scripture based Meditations. It is her prayer that the Meditations open our hearts to God’s transforming and empowering inspiration so that we may experience insight into our relationships and choices for a more meaningful life.

GOD IN OUR MIDST: Summoned or not, God is always present loving, guiding, healing, forgiving and inspiring us through our experiences. Each month, Joan will write “God in Our Midst…”, a personal story to awaken our hearts and open our eyes to God’s presence in the midst of the ordinary and extraordinary events, chaos, heartbreaks and joy that we call life.

WRITER: As a result of her ministry, prayer life and faith, Joan is realizing a call to expand as a Writer by providing Meditations in book form. They will be available on this website in the spring of 2012. In addition, she is writing a faith-based novel with the hope of publishing January 2013. Keep Joan’s writing in your prayers.

SPEAKER: Others have connected deeply with God’s presence through a prayer, scripture, quote or phrase presented at one of the workshops, presentations and retreats facilitated by Joan. Joan is available upon request to speak, teach or facilitate a retreat for your event, group or church. Additional information about workshops, presentations and retreats are listed on the Speaker page.

SPIRITUAL DIRECTION: As a Spiritual Director, Joan is able to help you open to God’s presence and purpose for you by exploring and reflecting on your personal stories, sacred experiences, prayer practices and faith tradition. Spiritual Direction is available by appointment in her office and via phone, Skype, or e-mail. Contact Joan to schedule an appointment.

TESTIMONIALS: Joan’s ministry has helped others experience God’s Presence. Listed are a few comments made about Joan and her ministry. If you would like to share your story or comment on how this ministry has affected you, please contact Joan.

Joan E. Derrig-Heacox’s ministry, Seeking God’s Presence- Healing the Wounded Heart is devoted to helping others awaken to God’s loving and healing presence so they may live open to the love, hope and joy that God promises. Having personally experienced the suffering of illness, the challenges of parenting children into adulthood, and the pain of a marriage that ended in divorce, Joan was drawn into a deeper relationship with God and a call to serve others. Her commitment to her faith, a Master’s in Ministry and certifications as a Lay Ecclesial Minister and a Spiritual Director have prepared Joan academically and spiritually to journey with those who desire to seek and know God more deeply. For more information about Joan’s experience, education and credentials, click About Joan.