Photo by Joan E. Derrig-Heacox

Joan’s meditations have been an inspiration to me. As a church musician who ministers at many Masses each week, I find that most of my energy goes into facilitating the prayer of others.  Typically, this leaves little energy left for any prayer of my own. Reading these meditations, however, helps me stay focused on the upcoming week’s Gospel and gives me one brief powerful moment that I can call my own prayer time.
—Bob in Cleveland

Every week, I receive Joan’s meditations, and I find that I stop whatever I am doing to read and reflect on God’s presence in my life. Her words and prayers speak to me in a way that connects daily life and work with spiritual reflection. Her meditations bring a gutsy spark to speak the truth and dives to the heart of a faith-filled practice. Whether I’ve had a joyous day or challenging moment, I return to God’s connection through Joan’s meditations and writings.

God works through Joan every time she comes into my life, whether it is through her writing or through our face to face meetings, she just always seems to know exactly what my heart is seeking.   I will always be thankful for the gift that the Lord gave me when he introduced that Sunday at church to Joan.
—Kerry Dyer, CPA

The autumn of 2008 Joan, inspired by the Holy Spirit, asked us to start a Prayer Quilt Ministry at our parish. As two “Doubting Thomas’s”, we made a very short list of how the ministry would be possible and a very long list of how the ministry would not be possible. Joan thanked us for making the lists, but insisted that we would start the ministry.

To our amazement at the work of the Holy Spirit: fabrics were donated, money was donated for items we needed to purchase, ladies volunteered to make Prayer Quilts, and people requested Prayer Quilts.  March 2009 the first Prayer Quilt was given to a recipient.  The work of the Holy Spirit in this ministry continues to amaze us as requests for Prayer Quilt grows, donations of fabric continue to multiply like “the loaves and fish”, and the ministry receives cash donations.  As of 10/28/11, 377 Prayer Quilts have been given to recipients.  The responses of recipients and their families to God’s comfort and assurance from the quilt is amazing.  Thank you God for letting us be part of this wonderful ministry.
—Pat and Lin

Joan is a very caring insightful person who brings to her presentations many life experiences.
—Fr. Richard Burchell