Leave Everything and Begin a Journey

“The Magi set out because of a deep desire which prompted then to leave everything and begin a journey. It was as though they had always been waiting for that star.”

Pope Benedict XVI

Now that the gifts are unwrapped, the guests have returned home and the decorations are packed away for another year, where is our heart? Did the gifts, glitz and hype live up to our expectation? Is our heart still yearning for more? God created in each of us a deep desire to seek God through Jesus Christ that no earthly person, present, food or decoration can fully satisfy. In us stirs a great passion, a slow burning fire, that when fueled, will force us from a state of waiting. Eventually we must thrust forth on a journey, let go and leap, in faith, for that star that will guide us to Our Savior. Burning in our hearts is the compassionate love of God that will prompt us, like the Magi, to set forth on a journey to encounter, with humility and tenderness, the love of our lives, Jesus Christ.

Reflection Question: How is God fueling your heart so that you can see the star and set forth on a journey in faith? What is your response?  

Dear Jesus, fuel the desire in my heart to set forth on journey of humility and tenderness to be with you. Amen

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