Seek Wisdom over Advice

 But the wisdom from above is first of all pure,

then peaceable, gentle and compliant,

full of mercy and good fruits,

without inconsistency and insincerity.

James 3:17

Advice is generously offered from so called experts appearing on popular talk shows, strangers with similar experiences, friends with good intentions and family members that have a vested interest in the outcome. At times, we listen to their suggestions, hoping for some meaningful insight, direction or guidance. At other times, we wish for the voices to be silent or for the dilemma to simply vanish from our life. Advice is not the same as wisdom. Wisdom addresses the issue from the perspective of our loving God, all knowing, just and trustworthy. God doesn’t have any hidden motives or ulterior agendas. If it is advice we need, the wisdom of God is only a silent, heartfelt prayer away. The wisdom response will call us in humility and compassion to forgive, offer peace and sincerely seek the Truth that Jesus Christ offers us.

Dear Jesus, open my heart to your wisdom so I may be pure of heart, gentle and sincere in the joys and struggles of my life. Amen

For what issues in your life are you most in need of the wisdom of God

and not the advice of experts, friends and family?

How does wisdom change your response?

Please share your thoughts and prayer. I am open to listen and hear how  the word of God and this meditation touches your heart and life. Thank you. May God bless us.

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