The Love of God Poured into Our Hearts

The love of God has been poured into our hearts

through the Spirit of God dwelling within us, Alleluia.

Romans 5:5

Love is a trigger word for many of us. It may trigger feelings of romance, deep care and commitment, and friendship as well as anger, distrust and resentment. We often base our feelings and expressions of love on past experiences and internal emotions. We may have experienced love as a means to control and manipulate another for personal gain and satisfaction. Love may have been used to excuse or deny inappropriate behavior. However, the love of God poured into our heart casts out fear, anxiety and distrust. Beginning first in our hearts as the loving presence of kindness, patience, forgiveness, compassion, comfort, peace and joy, we come to know the love of God as something beyond emotions and feelings. It is an unshakeable, unconditional permanence that embraces us in spite of our burdens, wounds, limitations and weaknesses. It is the love of God that is poured into our hearts, dwelling within and thus lifting us out of ourselves so that we may truly love others. Alleluia! I can love others because I  am open to the unlimited love God pours into me. Alleluia!.

Dear Jesus, open my heart to Your flow of love so that I may more fully realize how you dwell within me and offer that love to others. Amen

Joan E. Derrig-Heacox

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