Jesus says, “Come Away With ME!”

Sixteenth Sunday on Ordinary Time:  July 22, 2012

 Jesus said to his apostles,

“Come away by yourselves

to a deserted place

and rest a while.”

Mark 6:31

Go away by myself? … How is that possible with so many expectations and demands?

A deserted place? … I can barely get a private moment for the necessities.

Rest a while?  … Is that a dream?

The relentless demands on Jesus and his Apostles’ time and energy were not unlike the demands many of us face today.  We may be exhausted from constantly caring for the needs of others, working long hours, living up to the high expectations to be and do our best and struggling with the demand to be available at all hours day and night. Jesus knew this lifestyle was unhealthy for his Apostles as it is unhealthy for us. Like the Apostles, we need time away to be alone, to rest and to pray.  Quiet, rest and prayer open us up to God’s perspective, inspiration, passion and peace. Without this precious alone time with the Lord, we may become misguided, impatient, despondent and unloving. We need the love of God, poured out into our heart, to do the work we are called to do and be the person we were created to be. Listen … Jesus is calling you to his loving presence to renew your spirit, rest your weary body and love you in a way that no other person, place or thing can love you. Come away with Christ. It is not only possible but essential for your well being!

Dear Jesus, create a desire in my heart to seek you in the quiet of your adoring presence so that I may rest and be at peace with you. Amen

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