Excess Baggage for the Journey

 July 15, 2012: 15th Sunday in Ordinary Time

 [Jesus] instructed them to take nothing for the journey

but a walking stick – no food, no sack, no money in their belts.

Mark 6:8

Packing for a vacation or even a short trip can feel exhausting. The number of bags we pack, the number of things that we think we cannot live without is overwhelming. Trying to make life easier and more comfortable may have in fact made life more burdensome and stressful. What makes us feel secure, loved and comfortable? Do I really need the extra conditioner, blow dryer, hair straightener and hair gel to feel loved and accepted or will my family and friends still love me if my hair is air dried and wild? Do I have to have just the right outfit to make the right impression to belong or will a simple top and pants be enough for people to welcome me in friendship? Jesus us loves us with the hair we were given, the simplest outfit we are wearing and the time we have to offer in prayer and adoration. The more time we spend in prayer, trusting in Jesus and seeking wisdom to know the difference between needs and excessive wants, we will feel more secure, loved, satisfied and dignified as the person we were created to be. The journey of a life in Christ is liberating and gratifying without having to pack so many bags for the trip.


Dear Jesus, help me to let go of the many things that I cling to for security, comfort, love and importance so that I may trust in you for all my needs and my hearts desire. Amen

Favors Granted through Adoration

Thank you for a cool place to pray and rest in the midst of this heat wave.

Thank you, Jesus, for a safe holiday with family and friends in an amazing country.


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